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Drone Pilot Canada
The only app for safe and legal drone flying in Canada - DonDronesOn
Designed by Canadians for Canadian drone pilots, Drone Pilot Canada is the only app that meets all of Transport Canada's procedural requirements:
  • A Safe Airspace Map providing up-to-date airport and airspace data for safe and legal drone operations
  • Customizable checklists and procedures that meet all the Transport Canada requirements
  • Aircraft and crew manifest data, including flexible storage for registration and certification documents, aircraft manuals, and maintenance records
  • Flight records including date/time/duration, location, aircraft, crew, weather, and checklists
  • Creation of flight plan and site survey documentation
  • Device and team data synchronization and backup
  • Emergency button with an instant list of nearby aerodromes with distance, direction, contact numbers, and script

Developed in partnership with Don Joyce of DonDronesOn to be simple, intuitive and focused